What is it?  Radon is a naturally occurring, radioactive soil gas that is known to cause lung cancer. It is in fact the number one cause of lung cancer in Canada among non-smokers. It is an odorless, invisible gas that when introduced to the lungs over long periods of time causes genetic mutation to the lung tissues.


What we do?  In as little as 48 hours, we can give you an accurate, hour by hour measurement of the presence of Radon gas in your home and assist you in mitigation efforts if levels are found to be above the Health Canada recommended action levels.

Click here for an example of our radon report.

WETT Inspections

What is it?  WETT stands for Wood Energy Transfer Technology. Any wood burning appliance (wood stove, pellet stove or fireplace) in an insured home is usually required to have the installation certified by a WETT trained technician.


What we do?  We inspect and report on the clearances to combustible materials, venting arrangements and floor protection. We will make recommendations for improvement on any item that does not meet code compliance.

Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Do you notice a musty smell in your basement? Is there black staining on the interior surface of some basement walls? Mold doesn’t need much to grow (moisture, temperature and food source) and can be difficult to identify. 


An Indoor Air Quality assessment coupled with a thorough moisture mapping of the home with an infra red camera can help you discover the cause of the odor and staining. Air and surface samples are sent to a lab for identification and returned to you in a comprehensive report that will educate you about the species of mold present and the health effects of those airborne spores.

Click here to see an example of the comprehensive Air Quality Assessment Report you will receive.